Software specially developed for the management of Polluted Sites and Soils

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Save time for your reports

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  • Simple, clear and rapid synthesis of diagnostic data (geological logs, pollution, etc.)
  • Data analysis, area calculation and estimates of the volume to be remediated
  • Decision support tool based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Collaborative tool

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  • Easily share information between multiple actors
  • Write or read-only mode
  • Easier communication with your customers through an interactive visualization of boreholes

Easy to use

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  • Online tools can be used without installation
  • Access from a remote station with your user account
  • Desktop and smartphone compatible

KiWi-Maps : To do what ?

KiWi-Maps is a data processing aid tool for Soils remediation. The software was developed for and by professionals in soil remediation. Its functionalities are grouped into three modules:


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  • Data entry: ergonomics and intuitiveness have been worked to facilitate data entry, often initially in paper or pdf format (logs, analysis results, etc.)
  • Data import from Excel files
  • Digital memory: Export and save all your data in an Excel file


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  • Overlay layers: multiple layers containing additional information can be overlaid
  • Maps with data filtering according to the type of pollutant, depth, date or thresholds (ISDI, ISDND, ISDD)
  • Cutting views: generation of sections following user-defined transects

Data processing

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  • Interpolation of data: concentrations of pollutants in soil or groundwater can be estimated between several analysis points by interpolation
  • Color map: Data modeling makes it possible to produce maps with color gradations depending on the contents in order to quickly locate the sources of pollutants

Many features are regularly added to the software, follow us on LinkedIn and Youtube to be aware of all the news.

KiWi-Maps : For who ?

KiWi-Maps is aimed at all stakeholders of polluted sites and soils:

Administration and principals

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  • Quick understanding of analysis data on an interactive map
  • Use the tool to keep a memory of your sites and follow their evolution

Design offices

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  • Use KiWi-Maps to view and interpret diagnostic data in accordance with standard NF X 31-620
  • The mapping tools allow you to save time in writing your diagnostic reports and investigations
  • Quickly get a clear view of the issues and anticipate future operations to be carried out

Works companies

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  • The tool allows you to quickly synthesize the data
  • The visualisation and interpretation modules allow you to argue your choices and increase your technical score
  • Use the mesh tools to make your earthworks plans in a few clicks

KiWi-Maps : Our offers

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Digitisation of your data

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  • We digitise your analysis reports for you
  • The data of your sites and their history are securely archived
  • You have access to visualisation and calculation tools to quickly understand the nature of the pollution
  • You can export your data in Excel format

Software license

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  • Unlimited access to create new projects
  • Access to all the software functionalities
  • You can quickly create section views, mass balance and visualisation of polluted areas
  • You can invite other actors to consult the project

Assistance and expertise

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  • We work from your raw data
  • We study your project according to your needs (realization of views, calculation of volume and mass, definition of processing threshold)
  • You get access to the digital format of your project
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Digital archiving Visualisation Import of data Advanced calculations Data sharing
Offers In which case?
  • Secure backup of your data in digital format
  • Unlimited accessibility of your projects on
  • Data export in .xlsx format
  • Views in .jpeg format
  • Measurement tools
  • 2D maps
  • Cutting views
  • Manual entry of analysis reports
  • Automatic import from file (.xlsx)
  • Contour lines
  • Isopiezes
  • Isoconcentration maps
  • Masses Balance
  • Treatment plan
  • Sharing between collaborators
  • Read only
  • Read/Write
  • Free version
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  • Data digitisation service
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  • Data processing and interpretation service
  • Support service for the processing and interpretation of your data
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  • One day training in your company
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